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Name:Hangzhou Shangtuo Environmental Technology Co.,LTD.

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Address: 11# Haishu Road Future Sci-tech City, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

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➭ Hangzhou Shangtuo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a membrane separation technology and equipment high-tech enterprise integrate with R&D, manufacture, sale and services. With high salt water treatment technology as its core, it is committed to research and development of areas such as seawater desalination, zero discharge, landfill leachate, special separation, etc. After long-term technical development and engineering practice, the company has been highly recognized by the industry in the fields of seawater desalination and zero discharge, and applied advanced membrane technology to the fields such as chemical industry, thermoelectricity and municipal wastewater treatment, etc.

➭ Hangzhou SUNUP Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is established in June 2013 with high salt water treatment technology as its core, engaged in research and development of high salt water treatment technology such as seawater desalination, zero wastewater discharge, landfill leachate and special separation. The headquarter is in Hangzhou Future Sci-tech City (one of the four SASAC determined future sci-tech city in China and the third batch of national overseas high-level talent innovation and business base). The production base is in LiJiaXiang Inductrial Concentration Park, Changxing, Huzhou, with working area of approximately 7,000m2, and has obvious advantages in geographical location and production capacity. Another 10,000m2 of new workshop already in the design phase. Convenient location, extensive factory buildings, advanced processing equipment, and sophisticated processing technologies guaranteed the quality and delivery of equipment for customers.

➭ The company consists of three branches: Zhoushan Branch, Changxing Branch, and Beijing Branch, Zhoushan Branch is a service branch mainly aims at providing timely and professional technical services to customers. Changxing Branch is a manufacturing branch and commits itself to provide high-quality manufacturing services. Beijing branch is a market development branch which aims at market expansion in North, Northwest, and Northeast China.

SUNUP also set up offices in N, S and SW China, and radiate out service and inquiry stations nationwide. Along with the “One Belt and One Road” policy and the country’s emphasis on the seawater desalination business, SUNUP has successfully established a friendly relationship with China Railway and China Communications Construction. SUNUP makes great efforts to expand overseas markets with more than 10 successful projects in Southeast Asia, Middle East and North America, and own overseas offices in Singapore, Pakistan and Iran to radiate out overseas technical services and business consulting.

➭ SUNUP currently has more than 100 employees. National innovation talent owner Tan Bin (Senior engineer, National 10,000 Leading Talent Project) as the core leader. Wang Kaiming (senior engineer, 32 years of experience in water treatment technology) as Project Execution Leader. SUNUP also owns a group of talents with rich experience in membrane technology and comprehensive advantages in technological innovation, product research and development, made up of 2 professorate senior engineers, 6 senior engineers, more than 20 engineers, over 60% of members have bachelor’s degree or higher. These core members' rich experience founds the technology strength of SUNUP provides rich technical support for customized water treatment requirement for customers across the world.

➭ As a high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province, SUNUP has the qualification of Level 3 Environmental Protection Engineering Contractor, Zhejiang Special Design of Environment Protection Pollution Control Project Group B Qualification, Zhejiang Evaluation Certificate of General Environmental Pollution Treatment Project Contracting Service Capability – Water Pollution Treatment Group B Qualification. At the same time, SUNUP also obtained more than 57 patents and passed ISO 9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, GB/T28001 occupational health and safety management system certification and safety production licenses, etc.

➭ At the same time, SUNUP has been highly recognized by industries in the field of high salt water treatment after long-term technology development and engineering practice. SUNUP also applied advanced membrane technology to chemical, thermoelectric, papermaking, printing and dyeing, leachate, and industrial park water treatment (especially solving water quality problems, desalination, concentration, separation and recycling of product liquids, zero discharge and clean production), successfully mastered the core technologies of several research projects. Under the highly differentiated needs of different customers, the company helps customers optimize the overall performance of water treatment and process systems, reduce equipment operating costs, extend equipment life, improve product quality, and help enterprises recycle energy and reduce emissions, thus bringing customers Economic and environmental benefits.


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