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Name:Hangzhou Shangtuo Environmental Technology Co.,LTD.

Contact Person:Kaysen 

Mobile:+86 15258609643


3D之家Tel:+86 0571-88521290

Fax:+86 0571-88521090


3D之家Address: 11# Haishu Road Future Sci-tech City, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Technical Team

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Chief Expert-Tan Yongwen

294 234 谭永文.jpg

Professor-level senior engineer / senior German visiting scholar                       

State Council Government Special Allowance Winner

✧ China's seawater desalination business pioneer

✧ Famous seawater desalination experts in China and abroad

✧ National Science and Technology Ministry Science and Technology Plan Project Process Management Project  Specialist


General Manager - Tan Bin

294 234 谭斌.jpg

Senior engineer

✧ The third batch of national"10,000 people plan"leading talents

✧ National Science and Technology Ministry innovative talent promotion plan - Science and technology  innovation and entrepreneurship talents

✧ Hangzhou"131"Young and Middle-aged Talent Training Program

✧ South Taihu Lake Elite Program


Deputy General Manager - Wang Kaiming

294 234 汪开明.jpg

Senior engineer

✧ Senior water treatment specialist with 32 years of working experience

✧ Member of Academic Committee of Guangdong Key Laboratory of Membrane Materials and Membrane Separation Participated in the composition of the book MBR New Process Design

✧ Officially published more than ten publications at the national and ministerial (provincial) level papers (academic conferences)


Deputy General Manager - Li Bin

✧ Senior engineer

✧ 15 years of rich water treatment experience

✧ Has worked for a long time in large water treatment companies

Chief Engineer - Fang Yuchun

✧ Senior engineer

✧ Obtained multiple patents for water treatment technology

✧ Officially published many articles on national, ministerial (provincial) papers

✧ 11 years of rich water treatment experience


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